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About Legal Labels

Becoming a member of Legal Labels offers a great range of benefits.

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How does it work?

Food businesses who wish to be part of the scheme submit their food labels to us for independent assessment. Once we have confirmed that the labels comply with legal requirements we issue a Conformance Certificate which permits the business to use our logo to demonstrate their compliance.


Why do we need a food labelling assurance scheme?

Consumers must be able to trust the information that they are provided with about the food that they buy so that they can make informed choices. They will rely on information provided on food labels but also on claims and statements made on websites and through social media. Many food businesses work extremely hard to ensure that the information that they provide to consumers is accurate. However there are many non-compliant products in the marketplace which are inaccurate, misleading or incomplete.

Those businesses who make the effort to ensure that their food information is compliant can face unfair competition from those that don’t bother or who deliberately intend to mislead their customers. The more commonplace that non-compliance becomes then the less confident consumers will become in the food that they buy.

ABC Legal Labels seeks to address this by providing independent verification that the information provided by a member of the ABC Legal Labels scheme regarding their food is lawful, accurate and substantiated.


Why should you trust a product which displays an ABC Legal Labels logo?

Our team of food law experts assess each label against the ABC Technical Standard and will only issue a Compliance Certificate if full compliance is achieved.

Legal Label Certified

How to become a member of the scheme

To become a member of the scheme for a given product and hence display an ABC Legal Labels logo you must hold a valid Compliance Certificate.

Application for a Compliance Certificate requires that we firstly carry out a detailed food label review and then verify that all aspects of relevant food law have been complied with. Once this has been done, you will be issued with a Compliance Certificate, an approval number for the label and the relevant details will be added to our public register.

How much does it cost?

The following fees apply:

Comprehensive label review together with written report, support and guidance to make your label legal

£295 + vat (£354 inc vat)
per product
£95 + vat (£114 inc vat)
per additional products
(when submitted at the same time)

First year membership of ABC Legal Labels scheme plus Compliance Certificate for each product


Annual membership renewal of ABC Legal Labels scheme together with Compliance Certificate

£55 + vat (£66 inc vat)
per product

Need more information?

Please refer to our Frequently asked questions about the scheme or contact us.