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Seven steps to legal compliance

ABC Legal Labels is a food label assurance scheme and membership will demonstrate to your customers that your food label has been independently verified as compliant with food law.

There are 7 easy steps to follow to benefit from membership of the scheme:

Step 1

Provide your contact details below and then download a label review request form.

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Step 2

Provide us with details of your product using the label review request form and send us a copy of your label, product specification, recipe and any other relevant document using our secure document upload facility. Our Client Relationship manager will be on hand to help you through this process.

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Step 3

Make payment through our secure payment facility.

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Step 4

You will receive a detailed written report within 10 working days which will either confirm compliance with food law or set out action points to be taken to make your label legal.

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Step 5

If your label is fully compliant it will be fast tracked into the Legal Labels scheme at no extra cost.

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Step 6

If your label is not compliant and you would like it to be included in the Legal Labels scheme, we can provide further support to help you to get there.

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Step 7

We will issue you with a Compliance Certificate and enter your product details into our online register. You will be entitled to use the Legal Labels logo on your product to demonstrate to consumers, clients and enforcement authorities that your label has been independently assessed and verified as compliant.